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I'm a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in live performances, headshots, and capturing priceless candid moments. As an artist my passion drives me to create and document every aspect of life worth remembering. Ever since I was a child I never wanted to throw anything away; I felt everything was worth saving. That obsession has lead me to photography where I literally stopped time; in away I'm more of a human time-capsule than a photographer.

Three years later I find myself chasing my dream of traveling the world while documenting special moments, discovering who people are through portraits, and capturing the natural beauty that life puts before me. Currently I'm the personal photographer for multi-platinum recording artist "The Game", whom is my older brother. I also freelance shoot for other artist both in the music and fashion industry.

My plans are to continue the pursuit of my passion as an artist and create for the remainder of my life. I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you. 

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